Damper Kit.

The Triple Cycles damper kit, which is available in two lengths, is made for fitting inside the “Conical Hub” and “Disc Brake” forks that were manufactured by BSA/Triumph from 1971 to the end of Meriden based production. The longer length replicates the fork length of the T120 and T150, the shorter the fork length of the T160.

Damper - 5Kb
The damping characteristics are altered, and although primarily developed for road racing the dampers as developed have proven to give good effects for a wide range of sporting uses.

The suggested weight of fork oil is SAE 10. However owners may wish to experiment with grades to suit their riding styles. The original recommended volume of fork oil is suggested as a good starting point, and often proves satisfactory.

The assembly as illustrated contains 4 items that may be re-used from the original fork. These are not usually supplied with the kit, but are available if required. These are the upper (spring abutment) nut, the rebound (topping) spring and the securing screw and sealing washer. A T120/T140 upper nut is shown, a Trident one may be used if an increased spring pre-load is required.

Modifications to Fork Tubes.

A simple modification to the fork stanchion is required before these parts can be fitted. As there are additional pieces to be fitted inside the stanchion at the bottom end it must be clean to a bore of 1.135" for a distance of 1.188" from the bottom of the tube. This diameter is the same as the stanchion lower thread internal diameter.

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