Superior Stanchions

Triple Cycles can now supply, from stock, British Made front fork stanchions with a vastly superior finish. At present (December 2002) only a superior version of the 'disc' tube, original part number 97-4380, is available. All other variations can be supplied to order, with a short delay. It is intended to cover from stock the complete range of part numbers for all T150, Rocket 3, X-75 and later T120/T140 models as demand builds.

There will be a picture here when I have managed to take one that I like!
The superior hard chrome finish will give a better fork action, with less sticking. The life of the fork seals will be improved. If the Triple Cycles damper kit is to be fitted then the required bore modification will be completed (to disc and conical model stanchions) before despatch at no further charge.

Unfortunately it is not possible to completely recreate the surface shine of the fork tubes fitted by BSA/Triumph to some models. I have been lead to believe, by BSA/Triumph employees, that the surface finish used on some tubes, (in particular the exposed stanchion upper section models, conical hub) was a form of decorative chrome. It had a sufficient life under the fork seals to be acceptable at that time.

The illustration is an an attempt to compare the surface finish of one of the Triple Cycles Superior Stanchions with an as currently generally supplied item. Please accept that, although quite difficult to see, the finish in considerably better.

Refurbishment of existing Fork Tubes.

The refurbishment of existing fork tubes of any model of motorcycle is possible using the hard chrome surface recovery programme. The cost of the process varies, as the amount of work involved with each repair can be different. For simple work the charge of £60.00 per tube is average and frequent.

Price of Superior Stanchions

At this time (December 2002) the purchase cost of a superior finish fork stanchion is £70.00. As other variants of part number are added this may change by a small amount.

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