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Triple Cycles: these pages are under constant active development, so please browse around and return frequently

These pages are under constant active development by Triple Cycles, a U.K. based British motorcycle parts supplier. Triple Cycles specialises in the Triumph Trident and BSA Rocket 3, with equally strong services available for Triumph 650/750 Twins.

Contactable via EMail to P.M.Pick@triples.co.uk

What's New?

Recently added pages and major changes listed


A recently added page giving links to maps and some directions for finding Triple Cycles

Product Documents

Information about special parts

Written Articles

Over time I have written these sundry articles either for use in various publications or as general 'handouts' when I have been frequently asked for the same information

Anatomy Documents

Four Documents are available, detailing the specification of four racing Triples with which I am currently involved


A pictorial listing of images. Some are used in other pages, some are just for your pleasure


Triples Online Logo Here is a Link to Triples OnLine,
a comprehensive resource run by
Kim Rowden who is based in the USA.
TR3OC Logo Here is a Link to the Trident
& Rocket 3 Owners Club, which is
based in the UK but operates worldwide.

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