The Triple Cycles supplied and manufactured Alternate Carb Drain Plug is suitable for fitting to all Amal Concentric MK1 carburetters that use a drain plug in the bottom of the float bowl. In the illustration below one is shown fitted to a float bowl, and one is shown standing next to an original Amal part 622-147.

Fitted to a float bowl, and compared to a standard plastic 622/147

The material used is HE30 aluminium. The hexagon is 3/4" AF, and allows easy fitting with fingers or spanners. After manufacture the items is treated with a plating finish called ALOCROM 1200. This gives a smooth and corrosion resistant finish.

This item is held in stock under the following part number, which is the standard Amal number for the part it replaces, with the suffix A added.


At this time (December 2002) the purchase cost of this part is:

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