The Triple Cycles supplied and manufactured Alternate 'Disc' Fork Top Nut is suitable for fitting to all variations of the Triumph front fork. It is not possible to trap the instrument mounting (97 4026) under this nut, and this nut is designed specifically for use on motorcycles that have alternate instrument arrangements. It will fit directly to a standard T160 Trident, or a late ('E') model T140 that uses the larger binnacle for instrument mounting.

Production Drawing of 97 4387A
Photograph of 97 4387A

The material used is HE30 aluminium. Although not supplied in a polished condition the exterior finish is very smooth and would take a polish with little effort. The exterior hex. is one inch a/f and the top is slightly domed to give an attractive appearance. The nut has been designed to carry an 'O' ring, and Triumph part number 70 8782 which is used on many inspection caps is a suitable fitment. The engineering drawing will be easy to read if this document is printed.

This item is held in stock under the following part number, which is the standard BSA/Triumph number for the part it replaces, with the suffix A added.


At this time (December 2002) the purchase cost of this part is:

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