The Triple Cycles supplied Krober Tachometer is a currently built version of the instrument first used in the late 1960's. It is still produced in Germany, and although there have been a few minor modifications it is still basically the same instrument

Krober View 1 Krober View 2 Krober View 3
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The instrument can be supplied with different scale faces. 0-10,000 is very popular but 0-12,000 and the suppressed zero 6,000-14,000 are available.

The instrument has to be matched to the ignition. Inductive ignitions require the 'LZ' range of instruments and commonly available specifications are LZ051 (1 spark per 2 crankshaft revolutions), LZ013 (1 spark per crankshaft revolution), LZ153 (3 sparks per 2 crankshaft revolutions) and LZ023 (2 sparks per crankshaft revolution). Other forms of ignition require other specifications.

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