The Triple Cycles supplied and manufactured Oil Pump Drive Gears are suitable for fitting to all variations of the BSA/Triumph 3 cylinder engine. Each item is interchangeable with the standard item, although produced where possible in a lighter condition. The crankshaft mounted gear also has been changed in design and now enjoys a thicker mounting face to abut the crankshaft main bearing. This prevents the collapse of the sleeve part of this gear into the generous radius given on the inner edge of the inner race of replacement main bearings.

All variations of drive gearscrankshaft drive gear, modified form

All gears are produced to my order by a specialist manufacturer. They are made in EN24T steel, and heat treated after manufacture to give a long lasting and wear resistant finish. The darker colour of these items (and the lightening and strengthening features) gives them an easy identity. A standard part number bush (70 6885) is used as the bearing bush of the idler pinion. Two crankshaft gears are shown in the photograph to allow easy viewing of the additional seating area, and a small drawing is also shown to allow easy visualisation of this modification.

These items are held in stock under the following part numbers, which are the standard BSA/Triumph numbers with the suffix A added.

Price of these Drive Gears

At this time (December 2002) the purchase cost these gears is:

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