The Triple Cycles supplied and manufactured Pullrod is suitable for fitting to all variations of the BSA/Triumph 3 cylinder engine. The item is designed to be interchangeable with the standard piece, although produced with four different features. It is made from EN16T steel (instead of EN8, as standard), all in one piece (later standard items being in two pieces and assembled with Loctite) and with a tapered 'self-centering' head. The adjustment end is broached to allow the use of a hexagon head 'Allen' key for adjustment purposes instead of the standard screwdriver slot.

Pullrod and Lift Bearing The Lift Bearing is a direct replacement for the standard item. It is, however, a proper thrust bearing designed to take and handle end loads, unlike the deep groove ball bearing fitted as standard. Although always available (and the bearing part number is 7203) as an unsealed bearing, in recent years it has become available in the double rubber sealed version (2RS) that is needed for this particular application.
Phote of drilling positions Although not absolutely necessary it is sensible to drill two small holes (1/8" diameter, 3mm) at the outer diameter of the bearing location register in the clutch pressure plate before installing this item, 180 degrees apart, to ensure that the outer race can easily be removed if replacement of the bearing is required.
For a guide to the position to drill these holes please look at the picture to the left <------.
The black rod shows the position

It is also necessary to note that this bearing should only be installed the correct way round, as it can only work with the thrust in one direction. In the upper accompanying picture the bearing can be seen from either side, showing clearly the difference in inner and outer race edge thicknesses, and the thick side of the outer race should go into the pressure plate housing.

These items are held in stock under the following part numbers, which are the standard BSA/Triumph numbers with the suffix A added.

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