The following is a basic list of the items used in the engine and transmission, and the chassis of the production Rocket Three owned and ridden by Philip Pick in the 2000 season. This motorcycle was substantially built in 1999, with the original plans for construction made in 1995 when a slightly damaged and previously raced Mk2 frame was obtained.


Crankshaft:Lightened, 7lb less than original, tuftrided
Con-rods:Steel (Carrillo)
Crankshaft bearings:Standard
Camshafts:Racing profile (Megacycle)
Cam followers:Lightened
Cam wheels:Lightened
Pistons:Omega, High compression
Cylinder Head:Gas flowed
Valves:Special, Lightened, tuftrided, with top caps
Valve springs:R&D Multi-rate
Valve collars:Titanium top, as required steel bottom
Valve adjusters:Mushroom, short, to suit above valves
Pushrods:High Strength
CarburettorsAmal, Standard(ish), with fitted "smoothbore" bellmouth
Oil pump:Triple Cycles +50% capacity
Oil pump drive:Lightened and tuftrided
Primary drive:Lightened, but still chain, alloy shock absorber drum
Clutch:Lightened, “Stage 2”
Gearbox:5-speed, close ratio by Triple Cycles conversion
Electrics:Standard alternator and Boyer powerbox, with small battery
Ignition:Lucas RITA
Exhaust System:Standard, re-routed pipes, original 'Ray-Gun' silencers


Frame:'Shortened' frame, engine lifted
Swinging Arm:Standard
Swinging Arm Bearings:Standard
Rear Suspension:13.4" Girlings, rebuilt in the manner of race Girlings;
Triple Cycles multi-rate spring
Front Forks:Triumph Disc type, modified damping, lightened top yoke
Front Brake:Standard Disc, Lockheed racing caliper and master cylinder
Rear Brake:Standard 1970 Drum, lightened, 1971 brake plate
Tyres:Front, Avon. Rear, Avon, Racing compounds.
Wheels:Standard Hubs, Alloy Rims, 19" front, 18" rear
Wheel Bearings:Standard
Headstock Bearings:Taper Roller
Oil Tank:Much modified for capacity, based on X-75 part
Petrol Tank:'Thruxton' top half, bottom made to suit
Seat:Works style
Fairing:Triumph 'Production' racing, made in new mould
Mudguards:Standard (1971 short front, X-75 rear)

This BSA at Oulton Park in 2000
Rider: Philip Pick
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