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Part NumberDescriptionPrice, Each
none givenKröber Tachometer (plain specification)150.00
21 1872MDrain Plug, Magnetic Facility8.00
57 2552APullrod, Clutch, Triple16.00
57 3709BClutch Plate, Triple, Bronze90.00
57 3717ALift Bearing, Clutch, Triple18.00
57 4225ALightweight Shock Absorber Drum, Triple (T150, A75 & X-75 using triplex primary chain)66.00
TC CR, setGearbox Ratio Conversion, overall325.00
57 4654 CRGearbox Ratio Conversion, 1st only50.00
57 4657 CRGearbox Ratio Conversion, 2nd only55.00
70 6496C0.3Copper Cylinder Base Gasket, 0.3mm12.00
70 6496C0.4Copper Cylinder Base Gasket, 0.4mm12.00
70 6496C0.5Copper Cylinder Base Gasket, 0.5mm12.00
70 6496C0.6Copper Cylinder Base Gasket, 0.6mm14.00
70 6496C1.0Copper Cylinder Base Gasket, 1.0mm16.00
70 6580ASump Plate, with Drain Facility42.00
70 8773C0.6Copper Rocker Base Gasket, 0.6mm10.00
70 8773C1.0Copper Rocker Base Gasket, 1.0mm12.00
70 7246AIdler Gear40.00
70 7248ADrive Gear, Crankshaft30.00
70 7249ADriven Gear, Oil Pump ('D' fitting)39.00
71 4247ADriven Gear, Oil Pump (taper fitting)40.00
71 1351 TCOil Pump + 50% complete250.00
71 1351 TCbOil Pump + 50% without drive wheel220.00
97 4380ASuperior Fork Stanchion, Disc70.00
97 4387AAlternate 'Disc' Fork Top Nut10.00
none givenFork Damper Kit (two assemblies), T120/T140/T150120.00
none givenFork Damper Kit (two assemblies), T160120.00
TC CROverall Ratio Conversion Kit325.00
57 4657 CRLayshaft 2nd, 5-speed, 20T55.00
57 4657 CRLayshaft 1st, 5-speed, 22T50.00
622-147ACarburetter Drain Plug, alloy3.00

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